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Design : Jean Nouvel

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Normal Desk

01 profil du produit

description de produit

With Normal French architect Jean Nouvel provides a contemporary interpretation of management furniture: serene proportions and materials that appeal to the senses.
Desk top dimensions: W 2600 x D 1050 x H 730 mm, 50 mm thick
Normal consists of 3 elements: two drawer units and a work top of 2600 x 1050mm, available in different massive veneer woods.
The worktop is connected to the drawer units by 2 steel starshaped elements containing the vertical wiring conduction and data plug to the electrification space at the back of the drawer units. The sockets, data plug and wiring can be reached via the openings in the worktop. The range includes meeting tables and storage units.

02 dimensions/poids

dimensions totales  
1050 mm
750 mm
2600 mm
dessus de table  
épaisseur du dessus de table
50 mm

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