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Nils Holger Moormann
FNP archive shelf

Design : Axel Kufus


id Stylepark: 05.1004.10043

FNP archive shelf

01 profil du produit

description de produit

Due to it's doubled depth the FNP Archive shelf allows to store larger numbers of binders and books in multiple rows behind each other. Stoppers keep everything in it's place and middle panels assure high stability - the FNP Archive is freestanding and accessable from both sides.

02 dimensions/poids

dimensions totales  
1032 mm, 2230 mm, 2596 mm, 3328 mm
696 mm

03 matériaux/couleur

description du matériau/processus

MDF natural, colourless varnished, black waxed, brown waxed, red waxed, light blue, light green, orange, red, white, grey, black, MDF BICOLOR white/black
or FU(birch plywood) in colours white, black or red

04 distinctions


red dot for high quality of design 1991, Design Yearbook 1993, furniture interior design 200 best of year 2000

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Well made and pleasant

Well made and pleasant

For “Berlin Design Week”, philosopher Hannes Böhringer, photographer Hans Hansen and designer Axel Kufus invited representatives of a variety of disciplines to a conference to discuss the notion of ‘elegance’. The result: unusual and exciting stimuli for design.

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No tightrope walker: 5 questions for Nils Holger Moormann

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Simple and smart –
perfect working from home

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