Triline Wandpaneel

Vorgestellt:Stockholm Furniture Fair 2010, Stockholm
Kategorien: RaumakustikWandpaneele

In 2009 Abstracta launched the partition screen Triline designed by Anya Sebton. Now Abstracta extend the Triline series with an acoustic wall panel employing the same basic triangular shape.

By creating a sound-absorbing wall panel with angled shapes you achieve not only an aesthetic expression, but also additional sound absorbing effect. The three-dimensional triangular section of the wall panel prevents the sound waves from bouncing straight back, thus achieving an additional sound absorbing effect.

The wall panels are compression moulded, complete with the surface fabric, in a solid shape that is filled with Soundfelt, a recycled sound-absorbing material.

Mounting Triline acoustical wall panels next to each other forms a stylish relief pattern. A range of standard colours allows for a playful expression. The Triline wall panel uses hidden mounting bars that allow the panel to be hung either horizontally or vertically which gives further possibilities with patterns. The size of 800x400 mm enables creating both symmetrical and asymmetrical formations.

Triline acoustical panels create environments in which noise levels are controlled with full design consideration.

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Abstracta, Schweden

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