The Mushroom is one of the oldest designs of Eero Aarnio. The first version was made of rattan and was a good running product in the early sixties. Aarnio: "My first commercial design idea was a cane stool which I wove myself in 1954. In 196

0 I expanded it into a whole family of products and found a manufacturer in Hong Kong. The first fibreglass samples of these stools were produced in the 70's, and the actual production did not start until in the end of the 90's.

The name of the cane stool was MUSHROOM in the US market, and because the fibreglass version is the same product, as far as shape, dimensions and function are concerned, they were given the same name." The Mushroom is a nice completion to the

famous fibreglass designs like Pastil and Ball Chair. Use it as a stool or a small table. Combine it with your Tomato Chair or place it in your bathroom. It is always typical for high quality design that you can use it everywhere and in combinatio

n with nearly everything. There is no doubt that the MUSHROOM found its place in the family of famous Aarnio fibreglass designs.

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Adelta, Deutschland

Eero Aarnio