721 Grams


With 721 Grams, designer Isabell Gatzen invites you to feel the high quality in the weight of each piece, hence the name, and to enjoy the interactive experience of arranging each one into different configurations. Every piece is engineered to fit perfectly together. It’s up to you to design the overall look of the candle holder in its entirety. Hand polished to a mirrored, high shine, 721 Grams is stunning even before you adorn it with candles. Once lit, the shiny brass finish adds to the candles’ golden glow, which instantly illuminates any space with a sense of warmth. “I wanted to re-interpret an object with a heritage using a premium, natural material that would retain its value over time,” explains Gatzen. “A new kind of candle holder destined to become a family heirloom – in a design that would still look modern for generations to come. All my designs are simple and minimal with a playful, interactive element. &tradition is a company I feel a strong affinity with because they have a similar.

Breite14 mm
Höhe48 mm
Tiefe24 mm
Gewicht72.1 kg
FarbenGold / Messing

&Tradition, Dänemark