Critically acclaimed artist and designer Jaime Hayon is renowned for his playful approach to design – like the ‘Elefy.’ Inspired by an elephant, this emblematic chair mirrors its muse’s large physical form. Viewed from behind, it’s easy to spot the swell of those two large ears, emerging in a rounded curve from the solid bulk of the chair’s body. The similarities don’t end there. The base – available in metal or solid wood – echoes the creature’s four sturdy legs, while the shell’s range of colours include a dusky shade of elephant hide grey. The impact of this evocative piece extends beyond its physical appearance.

While the Elefy’s streamlined shape is distinctly contemporary, the chair was designed with comfort in mind. Instead of angular edges and an aggressive form, its cupping shape cozily envelops the sitter from all sides. Much like the gentle nature of an elephant, the chair was designed to encourage a sense of wellbeing. “With the Elefy, I enjoyed the creative challenge of crafting an inanimate object in the shape of such a distinct animal,” explains Hayon. “While this piece is unconventional, it also takes comfort very seriously.”

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&Tradition, Dänemark

Jaime Hayon

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