Fly Sessel

Vorgestellt:imm cologne 2014, Köln
Kategorien: WohnmöbelSitzmöbelSessel

“We wanted to make a sofa which had the character of being a piece of furniture, with sculptural elements and wood,” explain Signe Bindslev Henriksen and Peter Bundgaard Rützou, founders of SPAC E Copenhagen. “At the same time, it had to be very comfortab


The FLY Series has achieved just that – it has a sculptural feel while not sacrificing any of its comfort. The series has generous proportions and is made up of two sofas and an armchair which can be used together or separately. It references

classic Nordic styles and techniques, like the comb-back slatted backrest, organic shapes, and solid craftsmanship.

At the same time, the FLY Series has a cutting-edge modern lounge look, achieving a subtle balance between tradition and innovatio

n that we champion as a brand. One of the sofas in the series comes with side tables built to form part of the frame. Lending humorous literacy to the name FLY, they extend from each side of the sofa like wings.

“SPAC E Copenhagen has a unique way

of combining their awareness of tradition with an avant-garde, international outlook”, says Martin Kornbek Hansen, brand director of &tradition. “We are very proud to introduce the FLY Series, as it perfectly epitomises that unique equilibrium.”

Länge870 mm
Höhe700 mm
Tiefe800 mm
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