Ice Chandelier SR6

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InnenleuchtenKronleuchter / Lüster

Refer’s Ice Chandelier from 2007 harks back to the grand glass and crystal chandeliers of the past, but her take is thoroughly modern. The halogen lights are encased by clear and unembellished mouth-blown glass globes, each of which is unique in character

. Like Array, the light is modular, and either three, six or nine pendants can be hung from a circular ceiling plate to create the desired effect. It is also available with two pendants suspended from a simple ceiling rose. Ice Chandelier can be made to o

rder for the contract market. Combining tradition and innovation as well as modular and sculptural form, Ice Chandelier and Array both chime with &tradition’s basic tenets. “Ice Chandelier uses familiar materials in a new, elegant way, encasing the bulbs

in the least complicated way possible,” says Martin Kornbek Hansen, brand director of &tradition. “In Array, the product is boiled down to a no-nonsense minimum. Yet it is modular and sculptural, allowing for a complete change of character depending on h

ow it’s arranged.”

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Form Diffusor/Reflektorhalbkugelförmig
Gold / Messing

&Tradition, Dänemark

Sofie Refer