Vorgestellt:Light+Building 2012, Frankfurt
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenPendelleuchten

With the Mimosa Collection Aqua introduces new characteristics to its lighting range. The design of the shade construction was inspired by neurons and while the shape is organic it is contemporary and expresses subtleness and lightness. The shades are mad

e from a laser cut, galvanized metal structure sprayed with clear polymer resulting in a white membrane that perfectly distributes the light coming from an energy saving CFL bulb. The shades are sculpted by hand allowing some variations to occur from shad

e to shade; nevertheless, the general dimensions are maintained. Mimosa is a highly customizable collection and may be adapted to fit spaces of any size. While the materials as always play a key role in the design and development, those used here are not

new to the Atelier. Ayala Serfaty has been using polymer for her Soma Light Sculptures for many years and has now used this sophisticated technique on her latest lamps designed for Aqua.

Stand/Befestigungmit Pendelabhängung
Leuchtenkopfhöhe400 mm
Leuchten­kopf­durch­messer500 mm