Circle Bowl

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The Danish architect Finn Juhl has stirred the design circles since the 1950's. His 1954 Circle Bowl sees the light of life in 2010 for the first time ever. The Circle Bowl is a unique piece of Danish design history, as it encompasses the shape of a circl

e in all of its aspects and provides an exciting aesthetic experience.
The marriage of the circular shape and the stainless steel material provide a stunning combination of organic form and modern material in the Circle bowl. Depending on the angle tha

t one views it on, the bowl reveals different shapes it espouses, creating an interesting aesthetic experience every time you look at it.

Perhaps the most fascinating feature of the design is the use of the perfect circle that Finn knew was pleasin

g to the human eye. When one looks at the bowl from above, two circles superseded on top of each other reveal themselves. To add to this, the sides and angles of the bowl are fully symmetrical, which means that the curvatures increase and decrease by the

same amount on each side.
The combination of these properties results in a symphony for the eye, especially when one uses the bowl for fruit and other shapes that engage in dialogue with its shape. The mirror like quality of the stainless steel create

s an interplay of stunning images imposed on the side of the bowl.



Finn Juhl

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