Joris Laarman’s WirePod is a flexible gray power pod that begins with a three-prong plug and branches out into four curled arms, each with a single three-prong socket. Its arms and body roll and unfurl as needed to adjust for your functional living

space. WirePod is the first piece in Artecnica’s Wiremore™ collection, a series of electrical products that challenge conventions by transforming power cords and wires from concealed, passive objects into visible, active elements that aesthet

ically and functionally energize living and working spaces. In this vein, WirePod’s tendrils possess a structural flexibility that makes the piece more useful, while visually integrating the shape and form of electric wire into the overall design en

vironment, freeing wires once hidden from view.

Länge3800 mm
Breite480 mm
Höhe18 mm

Artecnica, Vereinigte Staaten

Joris Laarman