Intangible Vase Hurricane

Intangible Vase Hurricane
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Arik Levy is putting his name to "Intangible", a Baccarat collection of vases, barware and candlesticks based on the distinctive Baccarat style and savoir-faire, which he interprets as both eternal and constantly striving for modernity.
Out of this meeting of the senses with Baccarat, based on trust and mutual seduction, the "Intangible" collection was born. The inspired patterns created by the designer are engraved into the clear crystal of various sized vases and barware, in friezes, in cut spirals or incisions with no beginning or end and onto clean forms, which are for him symbolic of both vitality and modernity.
The candlesticks, a random structure of clear crystal cubes creating a three-dimensional play of light, complete the "Intangible" collection which features Arik Levy's emblematic "Rock" made by Baccarat from clear cut crystal, here in the form of a sculpture, paperweight or a jewelry pendant.
Another design, the "Phantom" lamp confirms the move towards contemporary lighting for this leading international luxury brand.
Taking inspiration from the past in order to better invent the present, taking the traditional chandelier and its light sources and refining it down to a simple poetic evocation, this is the task Arik Levy set himself.
"Phantom" is one of the promising stages of this contemporary lighting project now so dear to Baccarat. Arik Levy will definitely be one of its most favored architects.

Höhe400 mm
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Baccarat, Frankreich

Arik Levy