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Vorgestellt:imm cologne 2013, Köln
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BD has launched at IMM Cologne the new Bench B, designed by Konstantin Grcic under the Extrusions Collection. Konstantin himself explains the new product: “We started working on the bench as a family of elements from very short, like a one-seater side cha

ir, to a long bench of up to 6 meters. It can be for indoor or outdoor, it can have arms or not, it can be upholstered or left pure aluminium. I think we have created a kit of parts which can be turned to very different typologies or uses of this bench. W

hat is interesting in this bench is that it makes reference to a very famous piece of furniture: The Barcelona Chair designed by Mies van der Rohe. I think it is interesting to make this reference in design. Design is not about inventing new things all th

e time, design is an evolution of things.”

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