Candles and Spirits Squadra


Reaching out from the present to the past, allowing the echo of history to influence our hand while drawing and merging this with the very best crystals. The hand can, after all, never achieve anything higher than the heart can inspire.

For an historic venue, William Brand was contacted by an architect. A castle, used by the Belgian government to host official guests on a state visit to their country, was in need of new lighting. However, the request came with strict conditions: crystal and gold were required to be used.

As at that time William was not using those materials, he suggested another designer better positioned for this project. However, the architect was adament: it had to be a BRAND VAN EGMOND light, a contemporary lighting sculpture embracing and respecting the heritage of this ancient castle.

Experimenting with crystals and gold, William set out to work. He tried to capture the historic values of this castle and transform them into a contemporary lighting object befitting the stunning location.

With the CANDLES AND SPIRITS SQUADRA William dares to create a new take on the classical chandelier. Allowing for truly grand compositions to be made, the SQADRA is perfect for creating a tailor made solution. All this is combined with the usage of impressively shaped crystals, which offer a rainbow of splendid sparkles as a result.

William Brands comments on his work: I strongly feel that the value of my designs is not determined by the preciousness of the materials I use, but by the strength of the actual concept of my design. For this creation crystals and gold were a necessity. I wanted to nonetheless use those elements in a surprising way: crystals for example tend to hang passively. By simply allowing them to reach up, immediately a unique and energetic effect is achieved for the entire object.


Brand van Egmond, Niederlande

William Brand