Delphinium Chandelier round

Stylepark-ID: 04.3197.00036
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenKronleuchter / Lüster

It is a small step from the purity of nature to the pleasure of life, and it was made at the time of the introduction of Delphinium. An almost heady and loose design added an element of hedonism to the pure Chandelier line.

The structure of fri

volous iron garlands carrying the large glass dangles, belies an almost secret longing for times bygone.

A new stream of heady designs came to the fore, the transformation from nature to life set in.

Let’s swing!

Höhe 450 mm / 550 mm / 700 mm
Durchmesser 800 mm / 1000 mm / 1200 mm / 1400 mm
Gewicht 2000 kg / 2300 kg / 3500 kg / 6500 kg
Stand/Befestigung mit Pendelabhängung
Material Stahl
Farben Silber
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