Icy Lady Chandelier Oval


When creating we close our eyes, in order to see. Combining the best materials and techniques to create objects that can be admired both from afar and up close. An elegant and ladylike posture combined with sparkling crystals results in the collection Icy Lady.

In this case a romance, frozen in time, was the foundation of a new collection. We all know how, looking back into the past, we humans have the capacity to see the people we have met differently. We filter and forget, we contemplate and correct. Time is the great equalizer in all our lives. The same romance looks different with the passing of time. Distance offers a different vintage point: this consoles and surprises. Those memories, in the end, become frozen in time.

William Brands comments on his work: I like my designs to be appreciated both from afar as well as from up-close. Adding a delicate number of crystals is giving the possibility of changing both the general appearance from afar, as well as the actual experience from up-close.

Länge1150 mm / 1350 mm / 1550 mm
Breite650 mm
Höhe400 mm / 450 mm

Brand van Egmond, Niederlande

William Brand