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Inspired by the exquisite French interiors of the 18th century, by the tables, cabinets, commodes and chests of drawers. Pieces adorned with elaborate work in marquetry and delicate graceful structure, with a sculptural aesthetic which gave them a sense o

f status aside from their functional aspect.
The collection Marie Antoinette Pop is born, adapted for modern life and the canons of contemporary design, altered and courant shapes but always keeping the same French chic.
Revisiting this magnificent

style, playing with iconic furniture, function and variable proportions, this collection is a homage to a period rich in style and full of remarkable characters which populate our collective
A side table in white lacquered lime-wood. Available in two

versions: with table top in white lacquer or in solid walnut.

Höhe400 mm
Durchmesser320 mm
Form Tischplatterund
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Casamania, Italien

Sam Baron