Muse 56 WC Wall-hung

Vorgestellt:Cersaie 2008, Bologna
Kategorien: Bad / SanitärSanitärobjekteWCsKlosetts

Le Muse, a new collection designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez for Catalano, are multiform talent items; a design that match memory, technological know-how and contemporary insight. All this appears in their shapes full of history, which reassure

body and soul and retrieve a classic harmony in tune with the present time. It also appears in their performance, because the careful design is based on water-saving purpose and hygienic clearness; the WC section is designed to reduce water consumption,

the volume shape highlights the excellent Catalano glazing quality, a fast and loose water flowing leaves no trace thanks to their fine-grained permeable characteristic and adequate geometry nearly self-cleaning. All this means that these sanitary-ware i

tems take care of themselves in economic terms, being water and time saving.
Nowadays time is valuable; we are aware of this and we are getting knowledge that water is a precious resource too, running a risk in a very close future. Two basic aspects

generating an appropriate and sensual design, paced with contemporary way of living. This is the pleasure of Le Muse collection.

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Catalano, Italien

Matteo Thun