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  • Plate Waschtisch
  • Plate Waschtisch
  • Plate Waschtisch
Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2008, Mailand
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Plate is more than a new line of products; it explains the concept of turning the bathroom into a living space. This was the basic idea with which Patrick Norguet first approached to this project. Living in harmony with this room, people can be regenerate

d. Plate system is the result of an accurate search: hiding every classic elements of bathroom, so that the place of wellness can become a "living" room. Like a micro-architecture, Plate system permits to create a particular space dedicated to s

hower, in accordance with every different necessity. Wall and floor become the same thing.

Norguet's intention was to transfer simplicity and beauty to the domestic rooms.
Functions are naturally integrated: floor becomes wall, wall gets

functionality without compromising its harmony with the design of delicate shapes. In facts, the basin perfectly accords with the geometry of this contemporary design. A collection of ceramic plates, testifying the great industrial ability of a high qual

ity brand like Flaminia, which gathers various functions such as covering the walls of this shower space. All this is at the base of Plate concept.

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Ceramica Flaminia, Italien

Patrick Norguet