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Vorgestellt:Salone del Mobile 2016, Mailand
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The proportions, measurements and materials of
Aura have been overhauled without impacting on the clean cut shapes and comfort that have always made it stand out. The amount of heights, widths, bases and sides has increased, taking the total number of items to no fewer than 71
and making it the company’s biggest and most comprehensive collection.
New versions of the chair have been added: one with metal armrests and one with padded sides reaching down to the ground, for a highly sophisticated look. Aura chairs are perfect for studies and offices thanks to the aluminium stands and five spoke bases with wheels and the new, longer backrests, which have been extended to 102 cm and 122 cm respectively.
Rounding off the selection are the lounge and the stools, which come in three heights. Aura products can be used in any surroundings thanks to the different types of bases: stands, four wooden or metal legs, and sleds. Their straightforward designs and practicality mean that they are ideal for all kinds of settings.

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