Chubby Christophe Coppens

Vorgestellt:Light + Building 2010, Frankfurt
Kategorien: InnenleuchtenPendelleuchten

Christophe Coppens is a creative designer with roots in theatre. With eye for perfection and a with a sky-is-the-limit attitude, Christophe Coppens is continuously exploring new fields and influencing international design in fashion, jewelry, interior des

ign… The Belgian royalties are among his admirers and he has shops in Belgium, Tokyo, New York and the Netherlands. Marnick Smessaert [Art Director of 2Bdelighted®] has great respect for Christophe Coppens and is delighted with the collaboration on the ‘D

ARK– ART COLLECTION’. The ‘Chubby Christophe Coppens’ is the first piece of art in a limited collection in which various artists, musicians, fashion designers… will contribute.

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Dark, Belgien

Christoph Coppens

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