Alessandro Albrizzi


Baron Alessandro R. de C, Albrizzi opened up his first of many shops all over the world in 1968 at One Sloan Square in London. When the words "Jet Set" meant following the sun in Pucci prints to a bossa nova beat. Albrizzi was there. With panache and sophistication he translated the spirit of swinging London into a line of furniture and objects that were just right for the times. Fortunately, his extensive knowledge and love of classical furniture allowed him to sensitively design a line that has transcended that giddy period and is now classic modern design.

Albrizzi furniture and objects compliment a wide variety of styles from Baroque to Bauhaus. "Albrizzi is a crisp foil to good antiques," says Peter Vaughn, Managing Director of Albrizzi Design Inc., "Because of the collection's civilized proportions, Albrizzi furniture and objects fit in and enliven a wide variety of traditional interiors. In a contemporary space Albrizzi is the essence of refined modernism. No fat."