Alex De Witte

Veemarktkade 8
5222 Hertogenbosch

T: +31 (0)6 81664897

Produkte von Alex De Witte

Alex de Witte is an industrial designer from Goes, Netherlands. In 2003 Alex graduated from the Artemis Academy Amsterdam, where he studied the universal values in the perception of beauty amongst people and animals. Alex’s work is partly based on these values, but moreover he anticipates on occurences during the design process. The latest works by Alex are the Big Bubble and Light Breeze, both lighting objects though very different products. Where the Big Bubble is huge in size and impressive to see the Light Breeze is a complex and refined piece of work where details are very important. Both products are from the same time period but the design processes led different lives because Alex anticipated on the occurences during these processes. These processes define Alex way of working very well.