Alfred Garcia Gotós

Estudi.Alfred Garcia Gotós

Passeig Terrall, 4, 2n, 2a
25400 Les Borges Blanques

T: +34 (0)97 32 373 15
F: +34 (0)97 31 422 24


Studied Interior Design at the Eina School of Design in Barcelona. He began his career in some studies of architecture and design of the city, while he also starte working on his own.
He founded his own design studio in 1994 with a very diverse activity, ranging from ephemeral spaces of commercial and private interiors and product design and furniture.
His projects have been published in several press issues specializing in architecture and interior design such as Diseño Interior, Proyecto Contract, Casa Viva, Experimenta, Oficinas, Diseñart ...... besides leading international publications such as International Links Exhibition Stands and books among others.
The philosophy of the study is based on formal sobriety, balance, order and proportion, avoiding fads and seeking objectivity, timelessness and longevity.