Andreas Fabian


A childhood in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Portugal and a design and silversmithing education in Germany and at The Royal College of Art, London was always going to make Andreas Fabian well connected to global design culture.

These days he delights in design play where an overtly familiar cultural form is re-imagined to subtly allude to other forms, and perhaps, natural forms as well, which toy with how you observe his work.

In his designs, cool sighted functionalism meets reinterpretation and wry humour to create domestic objects that sensually occupy a much more thoughtful table landscape than the usual. The refined details of a silversmith are seductive but these are restrained by an astringent clear-sighted questioning. The answers are challenging, provocative and very often humorous.

Fabian’s design consultancies are driven by a constant exhibition schedule, in which design play with materials such as silver, stone, ceramics or glass, reappears in highly finished and skilfully intertwined objects.

This broader research is often showcased at an annual exhibition with IN/D Label at Salone Satellite, Milan or for example, at a solo show at Galerie So, Switzerland dealing with his PhD research into spoons!