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Spinkebjerg 51
7400 Herning

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Design is a passion and we use our professional skills to make things better. We acknowledge the importance of an artistic approach when it comes to making great design. We explore shapes, materials and colours to invent new ways of design. We care about the planet and in our everyday work, we make great efforts to create products that drives a sustainable change. This is our duty as designers and human beings.

ARDE is one of Scandinavias leading experts in furniture design. We have a unique holistic background in the furniture industry, both in design, retail and production. In our design process we consider the whole value chain behind a product. We make designs that will work from idea, to prototype, to production - to the final product being sold and used. To make great furniture design we believe that a "hands-on" approach is crucial. Our unique workshop facilities allows us to build and mature prototypes in-house, with high efficiency and speed.