Ayush Kasliwal


Prithviraj Road B-6/ A1
302001 Jaipur

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Produkte von Ayush Kasliwal

I believe that design is in the relationship between an object and the people who interact with it. This is a very individual experience and the result is value.

For me, it is giving this 'value' to our customer, not only for what the product is, but for what it stands for- simplicity, honesty, and ... a sense of play.

Another aspect which is very important and dear to us is how things are made, who makes them, and do they do this out of choice, or circumstance.

India as a country has a long tradition of making, and it is upon us, the young design people to take this forward into the centuries to come.

As a designer I believe that ecology cannot be coded, it is an attitude, an understanding of ourselves and the environment- are we the controllers, or are we controlled? At the same time, it is important to take measures to prevent ecological degradation- be it cultural, economical, environmental,or any other sphere, keeping in mind that we need to evolve and grow.

Key among these things is to use- less........and to use more of less, like reusing, like getting things that last. And so is the case with luxury products- use things that age beautifully, that have value over time.