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Bathsheba Grossman was born in 1966 in the US.
She received a degree in mathematics from Yale
(1988), then changed course to art studies at the University of Pennsylvania (1993).
She studied sculptural principles and metalworking with Erwin Hauer and Robert Engman, two mathematical sculptors who were both trained by Josef Albers.

After several years' experience making bronze sculpture by traditional methods, she switched to CAD/CAM in 1998 and began designing sculpture digitally for production by 3D printing. Since then
she has been making sculptures using many technologies including lost-wax casting, electroforming, stereolithography, ZCorp printing,
and most recently Prometal direct steel printing. Along the way she also started Protoshape, a 3D printing service bureau.

Bathsheba also designs artwork for subsurface laser etching in glass, and in that medium she has created a line of scientific images based in astronomy, molecular biology and mathematics, and a service
for imaging protein structures that is used by most major pharmaceutical companies and many research centers. Most recently she designed a museum exhibit for the University of Syracuse, in the form of
a laser-etched model of the Milky Way Galaxy, opening December 2004.