Beat Glässer


Grubenstrasse 27
8045 Zürich

T: +41 (0)43 366 01 40


1969 > Born in Zürich
1985-90 > working as cabinetmaker in various shops
1996 > Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Dipl. Architect
1996-98 > Additional training as metalworker
since 1998 > design solutions for individuals and companies
1999 > first furniture collection
2003 > acquisition of a metalworking shop
2008 > concentration on furniture design

„The idea matters, but not only: as important is its reali-sation. My architectural background and the close connection of design and craft - which is one of my main foci as furni-ture designer - help me conceptualise unconventional furni-ture. If, in addition to this, the individual strengths and points of view of the designers are part of the designing process, a circular movement between design and craft is created, leading from the idea to the perfect piece of furniture!"