Catherine Grandidier

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3, avenue du Professeur Jean Rouxel
44481 Loire-Atlantique

T: 0033 (0)2 40 99 85 00
F: 0033 (0)2 40 35 26 22

Produkte von Catherine Grandidier

Trained with Graphic Arts, Catherine Grandidier
spent 15 years in the advertising sector as an
Artistic Director. Re-focusing her activity, she started to design unique objects made out of everyday items. Through her artistic « explorations »,
Catherine discovered herself a special taste for the lighting object, and more especially for its movements…

As early as in 1998, Catherine Grandidier displays her first lighting objects. Together with architecture, urban environment and photography, her love for drawing fuels up her spontaneous inspiration.
Her motto : to create Surprise, arouse doubts
and let one’s own sensibility do the trick !