Claudi Aguiló


Bailè 28, 2on 1a

T: +34 932 651 947
F: +34 932 656 126


Claudi Aguiló became architect in 1991 but since 1987 he collaborated with the team of architects of the Unitat de Projectes I Obres of the Direcció de Serveis d´Urbanisme (projects and Works for Urban Planning department) of the metropolitan corporation in the city of Barcelona.

Since the 1st. of March 1993 he becomes head of the team of the Servei de projectes de la Direcció de Serveis de L´espai public (services for urban planning) for carrying out projects as the maritime promenade in Gavá-Castelldefels, Els Pinetons Park (selected for the outdoors FAD award 2000, the Biennal of Architecture in Vallés 2001) the closing of the Can Mercader park, in Cornellà del Llobregat (selected for the FAD 2001 on the outdoors category).
In 1998 he designed together with Xavier Nogués, the urban beacon Área to signal and give low lighting to open urban spaces, big promenades or parks.