Claudio Caramel

corso milano 94
35139 Padova

T: 049 87 22 444
F: 049 87 22 374

Produkte von Claudio Caramel

This architect whose creativity is multi-faceted is active in his studio-workshop in Padua, his work ranging between major projects, restructurings and quality industrial design. In his youth he devoted himself to the visual arts, and his works have been on display in various exhibitions; he also founded one of the first Italian schools of open-sea sailing. Since the mid-1980s he has written and published many works, with a strong propensity for the designing of houses, architectures for interiors, shops and display layouts; these are do- cumented in a number of monographic volumes and in the main a designer he works in the most diverse sectors: mechanics and electronics, fashion and furniture, bathrooms, display items and nau- tical objects. Among his most well-known projects are the lavazza coffee cup with all its accessories (1996), an item produced in its millions. His works have been on display in various international exhibitions. with the Hang shelf by Desalto he won the “Best System, interior innovation award” at cologne in 2005.