Defne Koz

DefneKoz Studio

Via Milazzo, 10
20121 Milano

T: +39 02 6551981

Produkte von Defne Koz

Her idea of design is influenced by her training in Ettore Sottsass' studio,by the combination of her Turkish and Italian culture, and by her curiosityfor very different product types. Her interests span from humanizing newtechnologies like digital audio

systems to rediscovering the tradition ofhand made ceramics. Common to all her projects are her distinctive design language and theresearch on the sensorial qualities of materials. For Alessi shereinterpreted the technique of metal wire frame, for Egizia

she exploredinnovative decoration on glass, for Guzzini she worked on transferring thequalities of Murano glass into industrial injection molded plastics, for Vitrashe proposed hi-tech gel materials for the bathroom environment, andshe helped reviving th

e tradition of Iznik ceramics in Turkey.
She designed more than 160 products for companies like Foscarini,Leucos, FontanaArte, Sharp, Alessi, Mobileffe, Liv'it, Pirelli, Slide, Egizia,Rapsel-Nito, Gabbianelli, Cappellini, Guzzini, Steel, RSVP, WMF,

Vitra,Authentics, Nissan, Casio, Alparda, MPD, Gaia&Gino,