Doos Arkitekter

Bergsgatan 6
11223 Stockholm

T: +46 8 441 43 80/81
F: +46 8 651 96 50

Produkte von Doos Arkitekter

The driving force of DOOS architects lies in creating strong design and architectural solutions. Our edge lies in our committment to understanding what makes a commercial environment work. We know how important the atmosphere of a building or room is to those who enter it - and how intimately this is tied to the property's commercial value.

DOOS architects work with design concepts, developments and implementation projects spanning product design, interiors and structural architectural projects. We strongly believe that truly good architectural solutions combine functional logistics with design that makes a statement. Everything we do should ultimately contribute to making the property work and enhance the experience of those who come into contact with it.

Our projects range from large scale hotel developments and retail environments to offices to the occasional residential property. We regularly work with clients throughout Scandinavia, but have also carried out extensive projects in other parts of the Europe. Regardless of the scope of the project we pride ourselves on carrying it out on time and within budget.