Dunja Weber

Via Solari 15
20144 Milan

T: 0039 374 9705674

Produkte von Dunja Weber

Born in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1973, but as a citizen of Luxembourg, where she grows up. In 1992, at the age of 19 she moves to Zürich where she starts her design education at the Schule für Gestaltung. In 1998 she graduates from the faculty of Industr

ial Design at the Glasgow School of Art and moves to Milan gathering experience at Cassina first and then in the studios of Marco Ferreri, Stefano Giovannoni and James Irvine as his right arm for eight years.

In the office of James Irvine she has

contributed to the development of many products in the fields of household goods and table ware (Alfi, Arabia, Covo, Danese, WMF), writing instruments (Spalding & Bros.), furniture (Artemide, B&B Italia, Coro, Ikea, Magis, MDF, Swedese) and electric appl

iances (Canon, Whirlpool, Olivetti). She has also followed the realization of many exhibitions such as “A view from Domus”, “Design Anatomy”, “Shiro Kuramatas Tokyo” and the fair stands for Thonet and Olivetti.

With her work she has won several des

ign competitions and has participated in exhibitions in Glasgow, London, New York, Cologne, Stockholm and Milan. In April 2007 the Italian furniture company Maxdesign launches her lounge chair “June”. In September 2007 she sets up her own studio in Milan