Emma Woffenden

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Born in 1962, she studied at West Surrey College of Art & Design and at the Royal College of Art, London. Her work is represented in the collections of Broadfield House Glass Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Crafts Council, London. Emma Woffenden is one of Britain‘s most innovative glass artists. Her ambiguous, androgynous forms explore the more intangible conditions of existence that are grasped as sensations, feelings and awareness. Although the thoughts and influences that underlie a work are complex, she aims to achieve ‘a loaded simplicity ’- a potency of form that invites interpretation, speculation and debate. Much of her work displays a concern with origins and development, beginnings and endings. She often uses aspects of the body as both form and metaphor - the outline of a work may be reminiscent of different states: a pupae, a swaddled baby, the Madonna of a religious icon, an Egyptian sarcophagus. While her primary medium of expression is glass she may introduce other materials and found objects to suggest a context or to elicit further associations.