Fabio Meliota


Via xxv aprile 14
16123 Genova

T: +39 010 2471723


Originally from Puglia, he moved to Pescara where he studied architecture and graduated with a thesis on "La salles de bains in the architecture of Le Corbusier." While in Pescara, he joined the studio founded by Enzo Calabrese and co-designed projects and products with him for companies such as Listone Giordano, Lema, L'Abbate, Covo and Rapsel.

The B:Room project, designed  for Listone Giordano, was selected by Adi Index for the “Compasso d’oro” prize in 2007. He founded eF / eM in Rome in 2012 and three years later moved his studio to Genoa where he currently lives.

The hallmark and characteristic of his projects is the versatile and explicit linearity. He is always looking for discreet, elegant, practical designs with simple details but clever spirit.