Ferdi Giardini Re Umberto 142
10134 Torino

T: +39 335 6947743

Ferdi Giardini

"Ferdi Giardini, born in 1959 in Turin, where he lives and works. Gained a diploma in scenography from the Accademia di Belle Arti, Turin. Began exibiting in 1986 with a personal exhibition at the Franz Paludetto gallery in Turin Continued his artistic activities with personal and collective exhibitions presented in public and private rooms, both in Italy and abroad. In 1996, took part in the Rome Quadriennale, and the same year the Fondazione De Fornari in Turin acquired his sculpture entitled “Scendeva da lei fiotti di miele dorato” (there came from her streams of golden honey). In 1998, was represented at the first “Parchi e Natura” Biennale exhibition in Rome. In 2006, participated in the Biennale dei Tori e dei Leoni, Turin, and the GAM gallery in Turin acquired his “Esca per draghi”(bait for dragons) exhibit. In 2011, was represented at the first 54th Venice Biennale. Since 2005, has a teaching post at the Turin Polytechnic, Facoltà di Architettura, on the graduate course in Industrial Design – Virtual Graphics Design. Materials and Models Lab II. The following have written about his work: Massimo Melotti, Francesco Poli, Guido Curto, Luca Beatrice, Tiziana Conti, Achille Bonito Oliva, Piero Gilardi, Mirella Bandini, Edoardo Dimauro, Maria Teresa Roberto, Floriana Piquet, Lisa Parola, Claudio Beccaria, Enrico Morteo. Since 1996, he has been occupied with design, and collaborates with the lighting manufacturers: Luce Plan, Oluce, Ilti Luce, Antonangeli, Slide. The objects he has created for these companies are produced and sold around the world." Ferdi Giardini

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