Giovanni D'Ambrosio

Via Monserrato 34
00187 Rom

T: +39 06 6869760
F: +39 06 6869760

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Giovanni D'Ambrosio (place and date of birth: Rome, 1959) studied advertising graphics and architecture in Rome, the city where his industrial design firm is located. Before starting his career as an industrial designer he collaborated for several years with diverse architectural firms in Rome.
Giovanni D'Ambrosio has designed a great number of exhibition stands and products for many Italian companies, and several of his designs were awarded prizes. In 2001 his "Biosfera" lamp - produced by ALT Luci Alternative - was chosen for the "Italian Design on Tour" exhibition.
He has also planned and developed various cultural events that combined architecture with fashion and design.
His experience in Italy as an architect includes residential projects and designing stands and interiors for shows and exhibitions. He also spent 6 years in Indonesia where he completed projects for restaurants, private residences, shops, an art gallery, and a theme park where design elements of great visual impact are set perfectly within the environment's primitive nature.