Giulio Gianturco

Via Marconi, 7/8
31020 Villorba

T: +39 0422 911249
F: +39 0422 911249

Produkte von Giulio Gianturco

A physician and an enthusiastic yachtsman he has taken part in many races and appreciates the qualities of stainless steel. He took up design as a hobby. In the early nineties he started drawing and creating his first pieces in technical materials (316 stainless steel and bakelite fiber) in a workshop specialized in mechanical construction. In 1995 he designed Minimal for Boffi, taps and bathroomaccessories in stainless steel. In 1997 production began on Matilde, a shower complete with Plexiglas walls in feminine forms.
In 2002 he designed Air for Boffi, a ceiling fan with three blades, of aeronautical derivation. He also worked with KWC, with Foscarini on the creation of a lamp, with Agape for showers and with Techimpexfor the design of a table cooking system. In 2005, for Fiorenzato, he created professional household appliances and for Castelmac-Icematic he designed a built-in icemaker. On April 2005 Elle Deco International Design Award gave a prize to Kaa shower, designed for Agape, and on November it won the Design Plus material vision in Frankfurt. In the same year the Fire extinguisher for Boffi has been presented and it won the Wallpaper design award 2006.