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Produkte von Harry Allen

Harry Allen is a youngster, born in 1964.
Yet in his relatively short career (he graduated from Pratt in 1994), he has established himself as an accomplished multidisciplinarian, able to bring fresh vision to tired product types through form and material.

His work spans the gamut from interior design to graphic design and product.
His first major success was a ceramic foam lamp which was featured in the 1994 MoMA exhibition Mutant Materials in which a light bulb is snuggled in a pocket of rigid ceramic foam.
The piece looks soft, squishy and flammable and yet it is none of those things.
The difference between the appearance and the reality make an indelible impression.

His next kudos was the interior design for the New York design Mecca MOSS; an ultra minimal interior that looks like a museum exhibition that got married to an operating room.

And Allen's latest, and perhaps the most widely distributed success is packaging design for the beauty industry giant Aveda. Recycled aluminum, paper pulp packaging (think egg cartons) and natural fiber infused plastic combined in a packaging system that is smart, sensuous, rich and "environmental" all at the same time.