Henk Heres

meenteweg 10
8041 AV Zvolle

T: +31 (0)38 46 592 95
F: +31 (0)38 46 005 95

Produkte von Henk Heres

Henk Heres says of himself as a designer:

“After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in Utrecht, I lectured graphic design and spatial presentation. At the same time, I founded Henk Heres Design. Since 1997 I have been busy full-time designing sofas, box springs, furniture and living accessories such as clocks, lights and carpets.

I strive for honest design and clear lines. My designs have to be understandable to all. That is why I attach great importance to the harmony between forms, materials and emotions.”

The collaboration between Henk Heres and Durlet is a nice example of how well relationships can grow. The first designs that were developed together, weren’t the most commercial ones, but they were evidence of a very pure sense of design and a feel for aesthetics and proportion. Just these factors are the ones that make the difference when designing sofas. Both parties felt a click, and knew they were making very beautiful and useful products. That’s why both sides continued to invest in their collaborative development, which resulted in a good collaboration over the years. It is proof that a family company like Durlet is always on the lookout for partners who offer added value and depth, in order to create furniture that can last for years, both materially and visually.