Jaime Beriestain


C/ PAU CLARIS, 190 – 2º2
08037 Barcelona

T: +34 93 301 69 89


After a decade of practice in his native country Chile, in 2000 he moved to Barcelona where he studied a graduate degree in Interior Design course. Two years later, in 2002, he opened his office in Barcelona. Since then he and his team have made a number of works of great professional design and size. His name is associated with big brands producing their designs, such as the prestigious firms as MARSET and DAB lighting, producing and distributing lamps designs, and DAC, a company dedicated to the manufacture of carpets, produces and markets collections Beriestain annually designed for them.

From September 2007 until December 2010, he worked in the Division of Hotels Gastón y Daniela Contract and follows the direction of his own office. In 2010, after 2 years of his small showroom in the center of Barcelona, he opened a new space, which, apart from being able to find vintage furniture restored, a fine selection of books, candles numerous international brands and exceptional fabrics, Jaime has its own collection of products, ranging from candles, oil, honey, chocolate and even rugs notebooks under its own brand. The Showroom is listed in the directory of the best Barcelona shops and magazines such as AD.

He is currently immersed in national and international major projects in the world of hospitality that combines with the direction of its Concept Store and café-restaurant.