Jeffrey Huyghe

Bozestraat 85
8501 Heule

T: +32 485271428

Produkte von Jeffrey Huyghe

I’m not going to talk in the third person about myself or throw a cheesy design quote at you but give me a moment to introduce myself. Born into this world as Jeffrey Huyghe in 1985 and many stories later, I graduated in 2007 as industrial product designer at Howest, Kortrijk. Architectural lighting was my first love and only has grown since I’ve been working at the engineering department of Modular Lighting Instruments.

Although my original focus was purely engineering I have taken the chance over the years to prove myself as a product designer. In the meantime my passion for products extends far beyond lighting so that’s why I’ve decided to offer my services as a freelance product designer to other parties. I invite you to take this journey with me, trigger and work together with me to come up with new concepts and products.