Jo Nagasaka


Produkte von Jo Nagasaka

Jo Nagasaka founded his own firm in Tokyo, Studio Schemata Architecture, in 1998 after graduating with an Architecture degree from Tokyo Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Nagasaka’s works show an interest in finding modern solutions for tired, found objects through pioneering innovative re-purposing techniques. His projects range from large-scale installations, interactive interior environments to smaller-scale products. In 2007, Nagasaka won second prize in the Bauhaus award for ‘Sayama Flat’ – a ground breaking renovation project in Japan. Another acclaimed project from Jo Nagasaka is the Happa Hotel, an exhibition which shows a new type of hotel in a mixed-use gallery. It hosted a multiple shopping spaces, a bookstore, a café, and Happa art work by Shinya Aota within the hotel for a new type of hospitality.