Johannes Torpe

Produkte von Johannes Torpe

"Johannes Torpe is a sensitive and emphatic human being who cannot help provoking people a little. As a professional artist he sits between music and design and is very much a melting pot of diverging inspiration. Johannes is a surge of energy and

doesn’t always know where he gets his ideas. He has lots of experience with interior design and a clear perception of rooms and spaces. Over the years he has developed great taste and a strong ability to see if something is good or bad. Because Joh

annes has seen so much, his eye is trained to spot quality. He started as an independent businessman when most other teenagers still had their mum pack them lunch. But Johannes has always gone solo. He couldn’t wait for the established design scene

to notice him. And that dynamic approach is still a defining feature with him today. Johannes is here, there and everywhere and has offices in both Milan and London.Working with his stepbrother Rune Reilly Kölsch the duo has established thems

elves as an international design business and a professional DJ team where they sample inspiration and experience from their two creative opposites, which give them an amazing momentum. The design office designs everything from hi-fi equipment, glass and

watches to furniture, and has been thinking big from day one. The persistent who-do-you-think-you-are mentality of Denmark simply does not apply to their universe and that is very liberating. Because they are so incredibly productive, they sometimes come

up with things that are not quite up to scratch, but when they get it right, they really get it right. Johannes and Rune are liberating, crazy acquaintances that grow on you."