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Ramos Bassols are David Ramos and Jordi Bassols, both industrial designers. The studio started in 2004, after several years of experience in different fields such as urban furniture, tableware, lighting and office furniture. Based in Barcelona, Ramos Bassols offers a personal view on contemporary design, always searching for the balance between form, function and aesthetics. Products with clean lines, yet warm and attractive for the public.

The studio has been granted with several awards, both national and international:

7 Delta award nominations; first prize in the Madrid Furniture Show 2002; special mention in the Álava historical site design competition in 2004; Hospitality Design Product 2010 and International Interior Design Association 2010 prize with the Alpha series, etc.

Their designs have been exhibited in several international showings, such as Rojo diseño español London 2007, Rojo NY 2009, Made in Spain Japan 2010, Making-off FAD Barcelona 2010, Blanco y Negro Terrassa 2011, etc.