Jordi Ribaudí

Estudi Ribaudí

Carrer del Rec, 15
08700 Igualada (BARCELONA)

T: +34 93 805 34 58
F: +34 93 804 34 20

Produkte von Jordi Ribaudí

This Catalan studio, led by Jordi Ribaudi, has a multi-disciplinary creative team. Ribaudi founded the studio in 2002, with the objective of creating pieces with their own identities. Lighting has been one of their strengths, and they have worked with the

sector's most important firms. Their designs are surprising yet seductive, and are born of a mixture of ideas, concepts, materials and technology. Estudi Ribaudi suggests a new way of experiencing objects, true to the maxim present in all his projects: "

lf it doesn't Look new from 100 metres away, it isn't new".