1800 - Our story begins Mr. Johnsson founds a weaving mill that produces textiles in Kinna, Sweden.

1838 - Sven Andersson takes the reins Mr. Johnsson’s son-in-law takes over. The company starts to influence the entire Swedish textile industry.

1840s - The Engdahls start a chapter spanning over a 100 years The Engdahl family take control of the business – and they go on to run it for over a 100 years!

1873 - The Kinnasand brand is born Kinnasand is registered as the company name. Kinnasand is a shortened version of 'KinnaSanden'. 'Kinna' comes from the town, while 'Sanden' literally means the 'sand or ground of'.

1890 - New factory, new looms The industrialisation process begins with construction of our first factory building and introduction of the mechanical looms.

1960s - We launch groundbreaking NOVALIN We create and launch patented NOVALIN - the world’s first linen wall covering. We design a special machine to produce it. Kinnasand receives global acclaim. The era of the Design House begins The Engdahls convert their home – originally built in 1874 - into a design studio.

1970s - A new collaborative chapter begins Kinnasand begins to work with international manufacturers and designers as a textile editor. First upholstery textiles Kinnasand starts to produce cottonbased upholstery textiles as well as clothing fabrics.

1980s - Expansion and prints Werner Hofmann expands the Kinnasand collection significantly, accelerating our evolution from a manufacturer to a textile editor. Meanwhile, printed and burnout textiles start to play a major role in our output.

1985 - First handmade carpets In 1985 we introduce our first collection of handmade carpets.

2004 - Our headquarters moves to Westerstede, Germany Following a management buyout, Werner Hofmann relocates the company headquarters from Sweden to Westerstede where it remains today.

2006 - onwards New showrooms open We open new showrooms across the world – these increase our international visibility and make our collections even more accessible to architects and interior designers.

2012 - Kinnasand teams up with Kvadrat Kvadrat acquires with Kinnasand, opening up new international horizons.

2014 - Collaboration with Toyo Ito Pritzker Prize-winning architect Toyo Ito designs Kinnasand’s flagship showroom in Milan.

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