Laura Pessoni


T: 03833440161

Laura Pessoni

Laura Pessoni lives and works in Milan as Product, Lighting and Interior designer. Born in 1983, she graduated in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. There she first went into depth on Human Factors and afterwards she specialized in Product and Lighting design. She soon began working with Arch. Carlotta de Bevilaqua’s focussing on Interior and Ligthing design. Among her lighting projects: NoiVoiLoro Association in Erba in 2011 (Co), Tog Foundation and La Cavallerizza-FAI in Milan in 2012. During these years she specialized in Product/Lighting design for Artemide and Danese (“Tye” family, “Ephemeris” for Artemide and “Xiao tet” family for Danese) in terms of product concept and technical development.

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